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"Lets Get It"

[Intro: Jadakiss]
Ayo, no disrespect to nobody but we run this sh*t

[Verse 1: AR-AB]
Let's get it, AR with it, talk coke and Guns, I'm with it
Shootouts with killers, I did it
This not just rap, I live it
Me and Snookie used to play Hooky
Now, I'm in the crib turning coke to a cookie
My mom keep saying "AB, please change"
"Mom, I'm broke, I need change"
AB deranged, I catch bodies, I need brain like a zombie
I went to war popping things, Gun for Gun; stock exchange
Not Dow Jones but loud chrome, my lights on upstairs
But, I'm not home. Back in the day, I wanted to be a lawyer
Then I seen GOME take a brick to the oil
I wanted to be down, he said "be loyal"
My team all lions; not Detroit
I used to get bullied once upon a time
But that sh*t stopped once I got a "9"
Started shooting n*ggas in the head with a TECH
Then came the money, power, respect
Controlling the spoon, frying the weight
I gotta pay bills, I hit it with the bake
It's a dirty game, somebody gotta do it
So I cooked cane, somebody gotta use it
I used to live in a bordered up house
No gas, no water in the house
Started off with a quarter in a drought
Then I turned the same quarter to a house
I ain't have dollar but I had a burner
Robbed everybody that came round the corner
Big clips, I ain't firing 10, I shoot till' I break the damn firing pen
Switch Guns then fire again, I don't fight dawg
I put n*ggas in trunks like life guards
Life hard, my coke is too, somebody gotta die, I hope its you
Can't depend on rap, my hope is gone
So, I'm on the block till' the coke is gone
All I need is a couple crack fiends
My kids can't eat off a f*cking rap dream
So, I go get it, I'ma go getter, put me in jail fore' I be a broke n*gga
I stand by that, you can buy gats, I was born a gangsta
You can't buy that
You can hide that fact that ya'll n*ggas not
You lie in your raps? And ya'll n*ggas hot?
I'm calling the shots, you calling the cops
I'm bringing real back, ya'll n*ggas watch

Ya'll n*ggas watch, I'm bringing real back
Ya'll n*ggas watch

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