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"All The Way Up (Freestyle)"

[Intro: AR-AB]
King AB, OBH n*gga, AR, Goonie Gang, Murda Gang
Cash Money, Rich Gang

[Verse 1: AR-AB]
10 shoe box filled all the way up
100 round drum filled all the way up
Kick in his door cuz he all the way up
When they shot me, all my n*ggas went nuts
n*ggas got killed and ain't even do it
I get the drop, best believe, I'ma do you
I run the streets, you just tough on computers
Slow down the car, 'Lo hop out with the UZI
Cash Money Records put on for my city
f*ck all you suckas, the killers is with me
Came in this game with a 150
Stirring the pot and that sh*t got me dizzy
100 shooters and they pledge their allegiance
He got set up by the n*ggas he feeding
He killed (?) now I can't sleep till' we're even
That n*gga get the whole clip when I see him
Rich Gang but I was rich before rapping
Paranoid; hand on the stick while in traffic
Judge gave my n*gga Snub life, he was snapping
If Birdman tell me to go then I'm attacking
Pop 2 xans then fell asleep right after
Woke up in court, 2 bodies on my afters
Wanna tell ya'll bout my Gun but I can't
It's a long story with 33 chapters
Quarter brick, half a brick, quarters for cheap
If you're a killer then show it to me
Keep me a b*tch that's gon' blow me to sleep
I killed your man and you know it was me
Brick on the table and the Guns on the floor
Lik shot em once and he want him some more
Used to sell hard right in front of the store
I bring the sh*t right in front of your door

Cash Money; Rich Gang

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