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"I'm a Star"

My man got his time and told the judge f*ck 'em
He said "Who the f*ck is you? Only God can judge 'em"
He never knew his dad, his mom didn't love him
Was introduced to the streets from his big cousin
12' 12' skinned his finger, known from baggin' up
Drive bys, if we miss - then we backin' up
Back then, the whole hood was attackin' us
I used to walk on n*ggas blocks and tell 'em "Pack it up"
One pot, one spoon, I bought my momma house
From drug money, she give it back if she find it out
Them n*ggas watched him in the club pullin' commas out
He came home, the same n*ggas was outside his house
Every room in my house got a gun in it
Every plate got a razor and some crumbs in it
If its beef - I put your mom and your son in it
? AK, I just put a drum in it
Hustled in the cold, hoodie and some Long Johns
My n*gga Aims used to sell it to his own mom
These fake rappers be the toughest when they online
You tell on his kid before he ever do his own time
n*ggas shot my house up with my kids in it
I chased the car and shot that b*tch through his head in it
My baby mom cuss' me out, the kids scared
She say "You betta kill 'em", I said "They already dead"
? we used to kill it up in Nini house
Grave shift, we kept the Uzi under Nini couch
Dope fiends, stuck sleep, with they needles out
Stick of boys ran in, they wasn't leaving out
Bought my first car and I couldn't even drive it
Lil' n*gga, big gun, couldn't even hide it
So high, I hid my money, couldn't even find it
So high, I blamed my homie and I even shot him
Every gun I got dirty, never brand new
If you attempted murda, that mean you can't shoot
I said I run my hood, that's what you can't do
I fill your hair out with blood, like a shampoo
? , I was broke and depressed
Then my n*gga Gome showed me how to compress
My young goon fifteen, he wild with the Tec
He caught his first body tryin'a rob the connect


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