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"I Run Philadelphia"

I'm the real top goon
I run philly forreal
Look at your neighborhood corner

I got big sh*t popping
2 strips popping
33 shots, thats like 2 clips popping
Audemar/franck muller 2 wrist options
40 grand on me, thats 2 bricks profit
Everytime I look up they talking bout ?
I was in the car 9 hard all cook up
Visionware pyro, cooking albino
.44 bulldog hitem like a rhino
I be at the craps game big money out
I bet it all on 8, should of bought a house
Moms kicked me out, I ain't never looked back
She found 9 O's in my room with a mac
Dropped out of school, said I was stupid
I was on state rd fighting 3 shootins
Yeah I ain't ever make a dime off a mixtape
I was in the crib cutting off griptape
What you know about waking up 5:30
In the morning to serve a n*gga 5 birdies
I move out no pump fake
I let the 40 go to work no lunch break
First gun I ever had was a new TEC
I was sitting in class with the new tech
I get 10 more bricks when its two left
My house full of white girls like Hugh Heff
I be sipping on yak all top shelf
In the crib keep the mac on the top shelf
I done made a hundred stacks without help
Cook coke let it burn till the rock melt
AR not real come find out
I make his clock stop like a time out
33 in my Glock when my 9 out
I dont think he got a chance when mine out
Man its back to the block knocking O's off
Sipping on purp lean till I doze off
12 gauge Shotgun, cut the nose off
Pump the pus*y right now I dont doze off
b*tches run from my house like roll call
They ain't give me sh*t so I bogart
And I sold hard
All night long
It ain't hard to keep a b*tch when your pipe long

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