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My bad Smooth, I had to jump on this beat man
Gotta express my pain to 'em
While y'all was in school man, I was somewhere else man
I ain't like y'all guys man
Y'all ain't real as me man

It's like success seemed so far
Where I'm from the little kids, they don't play ball
They want a eight-ball, they got a eight-long
They need this money right now and they don't wait long
And I feel they pain, cause I was just there
I had to wear the same sneaks for a f*cking year
And I ain't get help, nobody gave us sh*t
We got it from the muscle, nobody gave us sh*t
I was fourteen, tryna get money
The old-heads used to come and take sh*t from me
But they ain't understand, I couldn't eat without'em
I put my gun to use, now I can't sleep without it
I remember nights, it was cold as sh*t
In an abandoned house, with a candle lit
It was me and Murda, and my cousin Nine
For them two n*ggas, I would f*cking die
Then we met Gome, and he gave us hope
He ain't give us money, but he gave us coke
That n*gga taught me the game from the f*cking curb
I'd kill for that n*gga if he say the word
I said I need a ounce, he said you thinking small
He said you need a house, so n*gga go hard
So I took them words, and I made it happen
Then we flipped ten birds, tryna make it rappin'
f*ck a lottery tryna hit the jackpot
I get mine out the water in a crack pot
On a back-block, with a bunch of lowlifes
They tryna come up, so they throw dice
Tryna hit a number, till they number's called
I done sat three summers behind a wall
In a cold cell, getting no mail
Facing murder one, I got no bail
When my son was born, I was in jail
When my brother got shot, I was in jail
Man I'm in hell, I wanna go right
I'm at the end of the tunnel, but there's no light
All I see is fiends, bunch of broken dreams
People losing hope, then they shooting dope
But I'm tryna cope, I see through the fog
So I'm cutting coke, planning for tomorrow
I'm counting drug money, tryna keep centered
But I keep losing, and they keep winning
And they keep grinning, because they see me broke
So I start shooting n*ggas making sure I won't
Cause I got two kids I gotta look after
But these crackers don't care, they throw the book at 'ya
They'll give you life, cause you whipping white
But this drug money got my family eating right
And they don't understand, they ain't from the hood
I never knew what it was like to have it good
I seen my pop break his back for the White man
Then he started selling dope to the White man
See I wasn't born, with a sliver spoon
I seen my pops bag coke in the living room
I seen the sacrifice, my mom used to make
When she used to starve, but made sure we ate
Man she wouldn't eat, just to get us sneaks
One of us was sick, man she wouldn't sleep
So I go hard, selling coke hard
And they ain't make a way, I had to Bogart
So we pop pills, and we sip rain
And we get drunk, tryna forget the pain
Tryna hide the tears, through the weed smoke
We ain't got sh*t, so we need hope

Gotta feel my pain man
I went from a n*gga that was homeless, living in abandoned houses
In jail fighting murders and shootings
Now I'm getting this bread and rapping
I went from negative to positive

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