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"Bad Guys"

(100 Shot Dot)
Make Room For The Man Of The Hour
The Man With them Grams Of that flour
If your talkin snow n*gga, it could be a mountain & i'll plow it
These lil n*ggas ridin... I Doubt It!
n*gga Im About it, Glocks get to poppin out talons
n*ggas get to coppin out, bowin.... b*tchin
Do em anyway, no retreat, no surrender
Lex Street sh*t: Ten Dead, Six Injured
Its Bout time they Let A Trapper out
Somebody Doin All the sh*t these n*ggas rap about
....i could tell you 'bout stretchin crack
Ill take a point until my kitchen whip seven back
Yeah, could tell you 'bout stretchin dope too
I'll mix it up with opium & stamp it old school
Yeah, two handguns both ruges
No recordin booth, ill show you n*ggas pro tools
Call me the engineer with a coke cube
The pyrex vision-ware's what the pro's use
..n*gga im a monsta, I dont play games
I just spit a choppa until it make flames
I just know my dopeblock doin one thang
Thats why I stuff my pockets with rubberband banks
f*ck these n*ggas talkin bout, I spit it how I live it
Wanna pop-fly, know it's thirty-three in my extended
For you talk tough, know that I be sittin where you livin
& I'm Killin Everythang, f*ck the Women & the Children
Oh Allah forgive me for these sins im commiting
Them clips I be poppin', them grams I be flippin'
My whole fam need me & I ain't got a million
I can't tell em no, so I ain't got a problem killin'
Boy dont you ever turn backwards on a killa
Ill put a bullet in the silverback of that gorilla
...Im the one you wanna try if your tryna die
They call me "100 Shot", I work in homicide
Ill make your momma cry, ill let that llama rise
Or ride past your front door & bang it with a molotov
& this ain't just rap, naw this is everyday
So f*ck a mixtape, im heavy with the yay
& I ain't gone stop, im on you n*ggas heads
Im on you n*ggas tops, I want you n*ggas Dead!

Uhh, Im On the Block Doin great Numbers
Muthaf*ckas get Shot tryna take from us
You ain't never seen pain till you faced hunger
Sixteen for a "O" thats great numbers

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