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"I remember"

Let me light my cigarette on this
That's some real sh*t, I be drinking that goose and Im from Trey Goose...
I'm bout to take ya'll back to Fifteen Fourteen
Ya'll remember that? That's what rings a bell, that's what brings us here

Verse 1 (AR - AB):
You're my n*gga, I love ya but I hate ya
You're letting this money break ya
No, I won't put your foss in the air
But everybody want the award for "Boss of the year"
Stop for a second, look in the mirror, what do you see?
A liar and ?thief?, you ain't ready for beef
??? and strong I live by the code
My dad had more than a boogey in his nose
Now he's kissing the rose,We live in the jungle
Penthouse, pinning for bundles
Same book, same page, I be serving this n*gga
Man im thinkin of murking this n*gga
But he ain't even worth of my finger working the trigga
It's cool ill get you tomorrow
Here is a free rag go and drown in your sorrow
I laugh cause it's funny, the root to all evil is money
It's breaking all my n*ggas apart, Hey mean I swear on my heart
That I won't be blinded, by a dollar sign
But what's the hell? My skin getting pail, from sittin' in jail
My back get ached from holding the weight, how much can a n*gga take?
I'm surrounded by n*ggas that get it from the curb
I learnt life lessons from a n*gga drinking syrup
He a pill head, but he still knowing
I ain't eat yet and the hunger still growing, The pain still showing
See it in my face? Kasim gonna be like me, see it in his trait
I don't want that but I'm a stone-cold hypocrite
I tell him say no to drugs and then I flip a brick
Im tired of waking up everyday, no cheddar
Tired of god telling me it's gon get better
I've got to set a good example for my first son
I blame myself for getting snubbed the first gun
N I ain't facing life, tryna get it back
Locked up for gambling first pack
Look at Huck man, he used to want to be me
Now he upstate and he want to be free
Used to tell the wolf story how I shot n*ggas
Now he's doing 8 years, cause he shot n*ggas
They say streets teach n*ggas how to be men
sh*t, I was there before I turned ten
I remember when I got my first burner
Had to protect the block, Me n Murder
They say friends go 'n' then friends come
OBH family 'til the end comes

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