[Verse 1]
You and I, used to walk the streets at night
Our parents didn't know, we kept the TV goin'
And left on all the bedroom lights

And no, I haven't seen you since we lost all our innocence
You left me in the dark while you drink in the park
I'll never be the same again

You and me were so, so close
And maybe that's what hurts the most
It's out of my hands, I've done what I can
So I just save my breath

Deep in my heart, I know that it's over
Deleted your number, so I can't call you
Call you my brother, the way that we used to
When we were younger, younger

[Verse 2]
I saw you just the other night
I didn't even recognize you
Find it kind of strange, I guess that people change
But I didn't expect you to
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