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Vanilla Ice

"Ice Ice Baby (Remix)"

Take that ice ice baby and smear it on you girl
You lookin' just right, pretty hazy, go night night baby
I got a white white lady because I'm so white
Aw yeah, I'm the one in the right lane
Fight me, I'm playing the salt and ice challenge
On a batmobile with my girl, she's doing it like I'm controlling her
Like a voodoo doll, I'm a stick needles in her as*h*le
Until she screams of agony, pain, rage, horniness and insane
Oh sh*t and people accuse me of going insane
But those are just accusations, Matt you waiting for world peace
Sorry to break your heart but it'll never happen, neither peace and love
f*ck a dove, I'll shove a fork up it's rectum
Until the c*m erupts and she screams, oh help me p-please police
She needs to scream but her mouth won't open
She has an apple in it like a f*cking pig

Ice ice baby (f*ck that)
Ice ice baby (f*ck you!)
Ice ice baby (REMEMBER ME!)
Ice ice baby (Do you remember Millertski?!?)

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