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Vanilla Ice

"Ice Ice Baby (Remix)"

Listen up, people always talking like whats better? the new sh*t? or the old sh*t? how bout both?

Uh, lemme take it back
Nah, wait a minute lemme take it back

Yeah, we keep it moving gotta stay on track
Uh, so many different ways to kill a track

... and I ain't one to live up in the past
... but that new sh*t doesnt get a pass

... it should be better than you did ya last
... that’s why im swearing itll never last

And itll never come back
I could pop it off you will never come back

Wanna test that? you be knowing where im at every single mothaf*cka doesnt want it when i rap and its a wrap!

I dont even really think he listen if he wanna come and get it ima take em off a list and
If he wanna try and ride out he’ll be rotting in a ditch I swear to mothaf*ckin god cause if i write it then i meant it

Uh, yeah, I’ll prolly get admitted but you gon have to admit it that I’ll be here for a minute (be here for a minute?) yeah I had a hand up in it man I had a hand up in it I ain't talking bout a mitten

Uh, i mix the old with the new school
And they both leaving you schooled

Im like ice man im too cool
Nah I said im like ice man im too cool wait!

Man get out of town, i be killin these shows so im outta town
And its only f*cking knowledge that im dropping now i bring it back so you can get it like a lost and found wait

… feeling like the man and sh*t
… homie f*ck ya management

… thats what ya fill yo stanzas wit?
… haha man we won’t stand for it

… and nah we won’t stand for it
… im tryna fill the stands and sh*t

… and if at first you can't see it?
… then ima check em twice like santas list

… and im about to go up off again
I ain't ever signing i dont care bout what he offering

Nah, and i be swearing that its off with him
Now they wanna ride for me my patience wearing awful thin

… yeah my patience wearing awful thin
… and i be thinking bout some awful things

And i be swearing that they off the sh*t
They gon chalk a line around your body then ima chalk the win! swain… brrtt!

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