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Put my brain up in a bucket
Droppin thoughts, goin f*ck it
Got my hands up on the shovel
There's some blood upon my knuckles
And I keep going man
Then nobodies gonna stop me
I was Coming to fast
And I hit em like a body
Inside mine, man there's
Way too much coffee
Don't mind me
I'm just passing time
I break clockcs
Stuck in the borderlands
Isolation no gearbox
We lakes with cold docks
Haven't slept in some days
No nights, just moon rays
Blinded by moonbeams
These people, they used me
Whatever happend to yung v
Broke all of my damn dreams
My father not around
He probably left me
Who could blame, when I'm this much of a waste
I've been fading away
Inside my brain for some days
Every case is a waste
Of a face
Fighting off my wraith
Using my old ways
No bread
These people get ahead
Next day their brains spread
Across the pavement
I hate it
Lets face it
My father wishes I didn't rap
About contemplating suicide
Well I got nothing more to hide
I'm tired of f*cking lying
Darkness is so inviting
Don't knock till u try it
Man, it's been a minute since
I vanished
I ain't gone
Just lost the motivation
For creation
Still ain't really gained it

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