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[verse 1]

Dig dig dig
Dig dig dig inside myself
Figure out what will help
I'll probably end up in hell
But I ain't a satanist
Dont believe in greater sh*t
So I dont know why the f*ck I'm even sayin it
I ain't even feel sad no more
Don't feel happy either I guess
Now this musics got me stressed
I dont know the f*ck I am no more
These days I want 2 floors and 4 doors
What more can a man ask for?
A lakeshore, a notepad, pencil, to be outdoors
We pay for the peace corps
Yet got a world war
At our front door
I wanna play minecraft and be young again
Just wanna be a better friend to them
Think I'll call up next weekend

[Spoken Word Interlude]

There was a period of my life
Where, I thought that I wouldn't amount to anything in life
And I thought this way for a long, long time
It was easily the darkest point in my life
During that time I thought I'd likely end up killing myself before graduating
If I ever even did that
And I thought that that is what I deserved for being such a waste of people's time and resources
I thought I had no meaning in life and that life meant nothing
These thoughst got worse when my idol, Evan Wallace passed away on february 13th 2017
Around then I thought about suicide just about every day
I thought I didn't deserve to be alive
But now I know none of that's true
Everybody has a purpose in life
Nobody means nothing
And even then
Sometimes I still have those thoughts

[Verse 2]

I can barely sing
I can barely rap
I can barely even
Pass a f*cking class
f*cked up my wrist last january
Re-thought everything
Why the f*ck am I doing this
Been through all this stupid sh*t
Same thoughts ever day
Maybe I could make a differnce im somebodys day
Simple times these ain't
Man my mind's so vain
Switching lanes to switch gears
Switching genre every other year
Gotta focus or I'm done
No but for real, I'm f*cked
Gotta keep interest high
No time to take off
And when I do
I feel like a waste of
Everything that I am
And everything I could be
I keep my time on my hand
So I don't miss my opprotunites

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