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Part 1 Overalls


Ya, ya, ya, ya
Ya, ya, ya, ya
Ya, ya, ya, ya

[Verse 1]

Look, I'm never givin' a f*ck
Listen and run
Never get to comfortable
Emotions 100 fold
10 fold
f*ck an accident
My eyes on the road
Why yall so cold
You f*cking icicles
Inner eclipse
My eyes are closed
Pressure's building up
My straps are getting loose
My pockets getting full
Bet 100 I'mma lose
Can't focus
Now I'm sippin on some juice
Turnin into a recluse
Gotta hold it up
Cus I know I'mma drop it
Taking parts of my soul
Out my pocket
Turn me into a prophet
But this profit is toxic
Set a good example
Never take more than a handful
Even when you bleeding

[Verse 2]

Stressing over
Hands on a clock
Wondering whos
Gotta hand on their Glock
Why I gotta worry
When I'm goin into school
Hate this f*cking place
Hope I drown in the pool
Contemplated suicide
Atleast 100 times
But that sh*t ain't cool
In these f*cking rhymes
I stand by
Watching time pass by
Most time don't know
What to write down
I don't make it up
But in real life, I'mma clown
These are my confessions
My every dirty thought
But I hate that my dad
Knows that I'm f*cking distraught
He thinks I could get better
But man I f*cking doubt it
Every rap's a letter
Terrified whether
Or not I'm gonna die tonight


No no no no
No no no no
No no no no
No no no no

[Instrumental break]

PART 2 Weight

[Verse 1]

Weight, weight, weight, weight
Weight all up on me
Running rap triathlon's
Like I'm wearing abercrombie

Wait, wait, wait, wait
Yall couldn't wait up on me
Left me in the dust
But I came back like a zombie

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