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YNW Melly


[Intro: Tee Grizzley]
Helluva made this beat, baby
What  up, VO?

[Verse 1: Tee Grizzley]
I  got five hundred pounds of that gasoline
We compress or mix some sh*t that look like fax machines
Drop a n*gga from a distance like he Dr. King
The  type of sleep that boy getting, he ain't gon' have a dream
Two  watches, still ain't got no time on my schedule
Make the 'caine stretch just like that b*tch off The Incredibles
You  rap n*ggas stay in your lane, that's what you better do
Draco shells turn a n*gga mattress to a sectional
So many fiends outside the spot, this sh*t like Chick-Fil-A
You know you pumpin' when your nick house do a brick a day
We  gon' switch up houses after 60K
Never slippin', in that alley p*ssin' with the K
f*ck if I'm rich, b*tch, we goin' 'til the Hawthorne
In a spaceship with my wrist glowin' like a lightsaber, this Star Wars
And you know what we doin', it's beef
We ain't at the half court when we shooting from deep
We out the street

[Verse 2: Talibando]
I do this for my brothers, kill or die, hit the stand and lie
Heard the n*gga snitchin', he won't make it there to testify
In the Bentley truck with my n*gga Tee on Exit 9
I told him way before this rap sh*t I was doin' fine
I would spin around a thousand kits for like eighty-five
I heard n*ggas cappin' in they songs, they be tellin' lies
And if it wasn't for this rap sh*t, they wouldn't have a dime
I thought my n*gga out the bakery 'cause he be sellin' pies
Turn the traction off on the 'Cat and cut the block up
Ain't no limit to this sh*t, I feel like Silkk the Shocker
Think the opps and the feds teamin' up, they tryna stop us
Go up top on a n*gga, spread his brains like it's some pasta
That Taliban piece worth twenty thousand
n*gga hated on me, hit the stash, called his b*tch to come and count it
I'm just getting to the money, what's the problem?
Riding 'round with that chopstick, I got a problem

This Florida rapper YNW Melly... are being held here at the Broward County jail this morning

[Verse 3: YNW Melly]
In the streets with that chopper and I'm lurkin'
And my n*ggas, they ain't snipers but they observing
In a stolo with your b*tch and she keep swerving
'Bout to pistol whip this ho, she acting nervous
Short ass n*gga but I'm down to toe tag you
With this tall ass chopper with an extended mag
Oh, damn, I f*cked her with a Magnum
That's your b*tch, that's your b*tch, but she a thotty
That's your b*tch and my clique, and we plottin'
I got my b*tch and she spoiled rotten
Y'all f*ck boys talk sh*t, but don't play
'Cause we like to pull up with hundred round K's
And we like to pull up and let them b*tches go
Oh no, woah, I'm tryna f*ck all on her throat
Diamonds wet, no Yachty, but this sh*t look like a boat
f*ck that, pop that b*tch inside her throat, wait

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