YNW Melly


"Yung shad you killed this track"

{Hook YNW Melly}
It's some angels with me and they really riding for me(riding for me)
Its some demons with me and they really dying for me(dying for me)

Run up on my n***a swear to God we playing to keep
And we slither cause we snake and we so slimy
Oh you ride for me(ride for me)
Say you gon ride for me
My lil n***as gon slide for me
Yea they gon slide for me
I know my slime gon ride for me
Yea they gon ride for me
I know my twins gon ride for me
And they gon die for me

{Verse YNW Melly}
And you know me and my slime we pulling up with 50s
In a motherf**kin escalade with them fifties
In the motherf**kin mall trynna get Givenchy
But I shoulda f**ked her cucci when I hit the entrance
And this b*t*h she wanna f**k they see a n***a pendant
She blocked me so my f**kin following request is pending
I told the b*t*h to eat the d**k the clique is so extending
I told the b*t*h this relationship right here might be ending
I need a break
I need a break
Gone eat the d**k give me a plate
I know some young n***as who breaking out bricks breaking out weed all by the plate
And that 40 make a n***a levitate hey hey
And they had me locked up in the level 8 hey hey
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