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The Beach Boys

"Blessed Part. 1"

[Produced by Oz]

[Intro: The Beach Boys]
You know it's gonna make it that much better
When we could say goodnight and—

[Verse 1: YGB]
Be the mothaf*ckin' best
I'm blessed
Get the gold, f*ck the rest
Women undressed
Yeah, I'm up next
Haters really be depressed
Not Achilles—no weakness
Feeling like a milli, maybe more
Never f*cking less true
Can't do the sh*t that I do
This to remind you
I killed this times two
My mind is fireproof
My crew at the top
Don't know where to find you
Got your minds blew
When I slide through
Never just a rapper on the track like Spook
'Bout to take flight soon
Make the right moves with the right dudes
Rap game hot, like the smoke from where our pipes blew
Killa too fly, but a n*gga fly too
We spitting order on the mic like a drive thru
Caesar new cut lookin' like Caillou
And Metropolis be spreading like the Swine Flu
You ain't getting lied to
Supe is in the sky too
Tryna get a milli and kill 'em when we decide to
n*ggas 'bout to eat
Like, "No n*gga that's my food"
But chya'll could bob too
When you hearing us on iTunes

[Interlude: The Beach Boys]
Baby then, there wouldn't be a single thing we couldn't do

[Verse 2: Caesar]
Mom, your boy got more than girls and money on his mind
A little breed and time machines
That sh*t is redefined
The first time I was here
These n*ggas couldn't stand my shine
And now they're all standing up to give your boy applause
I smell a little blood and now I'm on my sh*t like Jaws
To tell the truth, me and you?
We could be married
We could be married

Yeah, she likes that new Ferrari
But she's never drove a car
These n*ggas wanna love me more
They know that I'm a star
But fake love only gets you so far

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