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The Beach Boys

"She's Goin' Bald"

Silken hair, more silken hair fell on her face and no wind was blowing
(She was goin' bald)
Silken hair, more silken hair lay near her pillbox down at her feet
(She'd been on a trip)
I peeked in and when I saw she'd lost her hair I thought I would keel over
(She was goin' bald)
When she saw her shining forehead didn't stop she swooned to the ground
(Really flipped her wig)
Laughed so hard I blew my mind I blew my cool I blew myself over
Oh oh oh oh what a blow
Sha na na, sha na na na na na na na na
(What a blow)

She drew a comb across her scalp and brushed what she had left!
I tried to salvage what I could and threw it in a sack!
She made a b-line to her room and grabbed all kind o' juice!
She started pouring it on her head and thought it'd grow it back!

You're too late mama
Ain't nothin' upside your head
(No more, no more, no more, no more)
(Upside your head)

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