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The Beach Boys

"Tears In The Morning"

Tears in the morning
(I've got tears, I've got tears in the morning)
They ain't going to tell me what to do
No, no, those tears, I know they're just a warning
(Tears, I've got tears, I've got tears, are a warning)
Reminding me I'm missing you

[Verse 1]
So you moved out up to Europe
You packed your warmth and you took your soul
Well, I hope you do what you're damn sure of
A lonely bed here takes on the cold
Lose a wife, change my life, we're not together
A cancelled future, well, it's hard on me
Gone, you're gone, are you gone forever?
Hope you love the baby I'm never going to see


[Verse 2]
Well, you know I lit a candle
It's in my heart now where it glows
Day and night, feel my light, it's going to stand until
My heart believes in what you chose
I won't let nobody carry this load for me
Guess, I keep a hold on my sorrow
I've got to feel, now all that you see


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