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The Beach Boys

"Funky Pretty"

[Verse 1]
A Pisces lady loves romance (She loves romance)
Her movements tell you at a glance (She loves to dance)
Why they say Pisces rules the dance (She's got the glance)
She values flowers more than gold (She flows like gold)
Thinks of her men as knights of old (She's never bold)
She's very spiritual I'm told (She has never told)
But where's my spark in the dark?
Glow glow glow c'mon glow
The funky pretty flame in my heart
Me and my Pisces lady are apart
Her calender is not like ours (She rules the hours)
The hieroglyphs mark changing hours (She rules the stars)
Her guiding light is from the stars (She's got the powers)
A book of verse a jug of wine (She's soft like wine)
She'll always tell what's on your mind (She's much like time)
By just your birthday place and time (She's very fine)
'Cause it's a silent night in the sea
And if you're cosmical'y conscious you'll see
Why she's a princess incarnate to me
Daughter of Neptune the ruler of the sea

The queen in Copenhagee (Funky pretty)
The dream of Amsterdamee (Pretty funky)
The cream of gay Parisee (Funky pretty)
The theme of U Say Asee (Pretty funky)
The scene in Great Britainyee (Funky pretty)
The meaning in Los Angees (Pretty funky)
The heat in Tokyosee (Funky pretty)
The treat in Manhattohsee (Pretty funky)
Yeah yeah funky pretty

[Verse 2]
She said "Don't worry it's alright
I'm coming back when the aspects are right"
And now I look in the paper each day
Wondering what my horoscope will say

Funky (oooo funky)
I still remember funky pretty (ooooo)
Why shouldn't my Pisces lady tell me why
(Why can't you tell me why)

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