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The Beach Boys


Come-a come-a come-a come to me
Gimme gimme gimme some loving
Tell me tell me tell me you want it
Listen listen listen my

[Verse ]
How's about an eight o'clock dinner
How's about a nine o'clock movie
Won't it won't it won't it be groovy
Put your loving arms around me
Aren'tcha aren'tcha glad that you found me
Do you do you like fine wine now
Don't it don't it don't it taste fine now
Can'tcha can'tcha can'tcha just hear it
Rock 'n' rock 'n' rock 'n' roll music
Get-a get-a get-a that beat now
Does it does it does it feel neat now
Will you will you will you just kiss me
When you leave me don't you just miss me
Could we could we could we get married
Enough enough enough of going steady
Disco disco discothèque mama
Show me show me show me the boogie
Start a start a start a little dance now
Take a take a take a little chance now
Come on
Listen to "Da Doo Ron Ron" now
Listen to it "Be My Baby"
I know you're going to love Phil Spector


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