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The Beach Boys

"Somewhere Near Japan"

[Chorus 1]
Late last night I got an S. O. S
The fairy tale girl's in deep in distress
She says I don't know where I am
But it's near Japan

[Chorus 2]
My engine's all burned out
My crew has all bailed out
I don't know where I am
But it's somewhere near Japan

[Verse 1]
And she said
"Rescue me
I'm somewhere in the
China Sea
I think I'm sinking fast
This call is probably my last
I'm throwing out a life line
And I'm doing it for old time's sake
Though I know you're gonna break my heart
One more time

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

And she said "thank you dear
I think she sounded quite sincere
And when she turned to go
She said "I crave adventure don't you know

And now she's drifting on some Chinese junk
Her world is spinning and her hope has sunk
So I close my eyes
And somewhere near Japan
The spinning stopped and the world stood still
I broke her fall and I always will
Strung out in no man's land
Somewhere near Japan
Rescue me

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