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The Beach Boys


[Verse 1]
Did you ever listen with the music missing
Turn your radio on
When the trees are swaying and the band is playing
Our favorite song

Shelter from the sunlight
Shelter from the cold night

[Chorus 1]
Just where I wanna be
Baby just you and me
Staying at home

[Chorus 2]
Summertime, take a few calls, make a little love
Thank God for shelter

[Chorus 3]
I'll give you shelter from the storm
And a house to keep you warm
I'll give you shelter through the night
And a chance to make this right

[Chorus 4]
Do you ever still think of me
And the way that we used to be
When the world was just you and me
Hanging out in our shelter

[Verse 2]
Now it's two o'clock
Lines around the block
Waiting for the parade
When the dark of night
Or the bright sunlight
Has you runnin' for shade

Together we can run and hide
Maybe we can stay inside

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 3]

[Chorus 4]

Do you think that you'd ever stay
Take a page out of yesterday
If we could only find a way
Hanging out in our shelter

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