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Billy Raffoul

"Jenny the Jett’s Unexpected Key Change (Interlude)"

Does anyone know what time it is?


8:10.  I've got one more for you. Thank you guys so much. No,I know. Um, I wanna take a second to thank you guys and thank Parachute for having- this is like date number 7, I think, or 8. Um, honestly the longest tour I've ever been a part of, Uh, both me an Alex who's my, my buddy doing sound and pretty much we're, at this point we're brothers. Um, please hands together for Alex
(Crowd cheering and clapping)
We're, uh... We're, uh, either brothers or enemies 'cause we're, we're in, we're in a Volkswagen Jetta for two months. It's gonna be a progression. Hopefully, uh, um... We, we didn't find the keys, we had to buy new ones. But I know where they are now. DId you know, you guys, real quick, I've got five minutes. The song's gonna be two and a half, so I've got a minute to talk here. Did you know that there's no toad truck guy in the country who can cut a key for a Volkswagen Jetta? I know this, 'cause we called all of them. We called all of them, all of them- all the ones in Orlando, anyway. It was like twenty. We called every single one of them. We were trying to get people to get in on Saturday, we were offering them all this money in the world. Eventually, we had to get one shipped ovetnight, so we made it. We're here
(Crowd  cheering)
Yeah.  That was, that was show number one. We'll see wat, uh, see what the next few months have to offer us. But seriously, you guys, my name's Billy Raffoul, um, I'll be at the merch table on your way out, afterwards, on your way out, trying to put gas in said Jetta. Um, so if you wanna swing by and pick up a T-shirt or a CD or just say "Hi", that'd be amazing Thank you guys so much
Um, this, uh, this last song I wanna play is also a new one. This song's called "Lovely"

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