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Ray Vaughn

"You Don’t Even Care You Hurt Me"

[Refrain: Ray Vaughn]
Yeah, Ray Vaughn
Tomorrow it ain't... promised

[Verse: Ray Vaughn]
Damn, it's like you don't even care you hurt me
Said I love you a thousand times but I don't think you heard me
Thought we was on the same team and you just traded jerseys
b*tch, you Kyrie Irving in green, you look like a serpent
Played so many different roles, thought it was Eddie Murphy
You keep doing the same thing, you technically rehearsing
But if I keep on going back, I'm technically reversing
I put in a lot of time and you can't reimburse me
Hardest sh*t ever is moving on
When you still care, you try to hide the sh*t
But you know the feelins' is still there
Read me
You thought that relationship was real read
Looking for true colors until they finally revealed theirs
People expecting me to just forget about you
Been dead inside, trynna find a reason to live without you
Friends tell me to know my worth, but this a different value
They say I never hear 'em out
It's like I mute the volume
I got into it with my momma just for being with you
So how the f*ck you just gon' go up and leave a n*gga
I'm hoping when you hear this sh*t that you got Keisha with you
Cuz the way she viewed me, it changed how you see a n*gga
I used to call you all the time
Cuz you was always on my mind
And see, I never bailed out
Because we always had that bond
And if nobody understood, who gives a f*ck?
It ain't their job!
I was trynna have a 'mil. and still have you by my side
But you changed up
I guess we wasn't on the same page
For all my dark years, we wasn't even on the same day
Say you hurted too, but I don't think that it's the same pain
I text you still, even though your responces be plain Jane
Gave the best people the worst parts of me
Don't know why it's so hard for me
To tell you not to talk to me
Will cry until I fall asleep
Tired of friends insulting me
But if your name ain't Morton, ain't no reason to be salting me
I blame myself
For falling in love with the wrong woman (wrong woman)
Question God, what the f*ck I'm 'posed to learn from it?
He ain't answer, so I'm slippin' to depression now
Supposed to build me up, but I just feel He let me down!
So now I'm sitting in this bed, with this pistol to my head
Said you love me, then you fled
Now you got me seeing red!
Cuz you don't know your own strength
This sh*t pushed me to the edge and you can... miss me with the bull so you gon'... miss me when I'm dead!
Cuz sh*t tomorrow it ain't... promised
Nah, no it ain't
(No, it ain't)
So if I die today, tomorrow I ain't promised
I'll see you in the Land of the Promise
And if I don't make it there, then I don't care to be honest!
I'm in a bad place
It's safe to say that this my last date
I ain't Biggie, I don't have faith
I don't smile, I permanently got a sad face
It's harder than catching a fish when you don't have bait
But it's just so much on my plate
If you eat it, you overweight
And I'm trapped inside my mind and I feel like there's no escape
Ain't no reason to stay if it's easy to be replaced
Somebody said the pressure's real, now I'm starting to relate
Got my head to the ceiling
As I'm starting to pray
Never thought this be my fate
I got nothing else to say!
Text bubble popped up, then disappeared, now should I wait?
But if I don't respond, then--
f*ck it, it's too late
Cuz I'm... gone

[Outro: Ray Vaughn]
Yeah.... I'm gone
Cuz tomorrow ain't promised
No, tomorrow ain't promised
Not for me

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