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[verse:1 Fiend]

My name buzzin, Austin Bee hive
Im dippin in that old money like your grandpas ex three wives
Tuxedo ready but I move like Im in a pair of Levis
Bow ties, low-fi, oh my! Jones, so high, no lie
You should put that in a bong, instead I use some papers and I put that in a song
My grammer produce grams, to grand in that order
Before millions she was saying she never came harder
Guilty as this new Gucci Im spraying on
Dope di*k ma', you gon' need something to weigh it on
You gon' have to raise the bar for me, quietly
You with royalty, Im with a botanist in the lap, go bring the jar for me
Jones, top of the game
Mr. Scoreboard, the job pay well I just encourage her to go for it

[Verse 2: Nesby Phips]

She told me that she love my cologne
And my response to her is, I ain't even got none on, Im ice cold
Perfer my music up high with the lights down low
Posted on a Verde Terrace with a nice brown ho
My life well, you might find mo' intriguing than the current lifestyle that youre leading
Shall I say, lacking? Really, I just speak from the gut
Shall I say, rapping? Blinded by the lights andthe camera
Someone say action. I wonder if Phips know he the sh*t?
Some one should ask him. Then surely after find out exactly how much he taxin'
They say, Is that a Mic in your pocket, or you just happy?
I said both, then pulled it out, and bust on a flow
I figured that since you asked, you really wanted to know
The only real way to prove your point, is to show
I got that ??? if youre looking for glow
(what is you talk'n 'bout?) Ooh nothin'.. Im just buzzin

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