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"Make 'Em Bleed"

Ah, ah, Serv, Mr serv on
Where you at, where you at, where you at, where you at
Mr. Serv-On, come on boy, come on boy

[Mr Serv On-Chorus]
So what you wanna do, what you wanna do, b*tch im from the tank
If you scared, homie leave, I make em f*cking bleed [x2]

I respect that n*gga that said it ain't where you from its where you at
I'm getting rowdy grabing on my tank
All the crazy n*ggas in the f*cking back
Im fake tape snatching, hoe smacking, rental car jacking, riding your sh*t
Putting di*k to your f*cking b*tch, you never hear me say quit
No Limit n*ggas fighting with a nose bleed
We done sold out in every city and I be doing shows over seas
Used to slang weed by the pound
Now i smoke it by the sack with V-90 and a whole bunch a pimps
Looking for a big booty gimp
n*gga dont ask me if im set tripping
b*tch im loving gang banging
No matter how you decide as long as you got love for this tank
b*tch ill ride til I die
Put a gun to my head b*tch I ain't scared
When you do that know who you bout
n*gga im from the south

[Chorus x4]
When its dark outside n*gga, I came out
Talking sh*t about no limit b*tch
I'm gonna be the one thats gon knock your motherf*cking teeth out
n*ggas ask me if I found something I believe in, would I die for it
n*gga put a tank in front of my killer
They might as well shoot b*tch im gon reach for it
I was born to bleed f*ck with me please
My di*k get hard when people motherf*cking strike through my f*cking sleeve
I ain't leaving this cali motherf*cker til all you b*tches follow my lead
Coward motherf*ckers breed
Do or die n*ggas except they destiny with a bullet in the chest
And the stupidest question you can ask me before my eyes close
Who the f*ck is the best
n*gga N-O L-I-M-I-T
DMX told you cowards "hell was hot"
But wait til you get a load of my f*cking block

[Chorus x4]

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