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"At All Times"

Where ever...
Welcome to New Orleans
(His real name Fiend)
Or should I say "New" Orleans
Home of the No Limit Soldiers
I'll speak on your behave, my name Fiend
(I don't know if they ready for us)

Welcome to a soldier's world
Where we just fall in love with c*cking our pistols
It's just sh*t we do, what we do

[Verse 1 - Fiend]
The hood gonna feel me on this one
If they go electing(?) my paper chasing
And knowing ain't no escape from a hungry baby in your face
So I lit up the place
Gun sparks in the New Orleans' dark
So dim, but yet mutual(?) to that cut in my heart
Better put feet on the floor and I won't ignore
Till this Fiend is my name
What made me do it
A little like yeah the dope in that charge to the game
n*gga I'm a man
So having born sense to be a provider
No Limit rider where they hollar
17th survior bout my dollars
f*ck the pride I done got me a key
Funny how you got a 1000 grams how the
Dopeheads just hunt after me
Wonder for me
A young G with a half a nerve
About to act a f*cking donkey just with half the bird
That's my word
Smoking backwoods filled with herb
Hanging later than street lights posted up on the curb
The ultimate serve
Getting it off all in a week
Time to re-up so I'mma be up
n*gga mine in the streets

(Chorus 2X)
I keep my strap on me at all times (and I ain't lying, I ain't lying)
I keep my strap on me at all times (and I ain't dying, I ain't dying)

{Verse 2 - Fiend}
n*gga who lied and told you the streets was safe
Thee abominable burn and chaff
In all the place
Don't believe in disgrace
Watch what'll happen you stare too long in my face
Strong arming for space with you
I'mma leave them bagging grams
I'm a bad man strap in my hand
People some mad plans
Picture my city surrounded by criminal
And get some I'mma have to hem one
And back them b*tches off with the M-1
Them dooms! dooms!
That's what he caught
Make a hater's life short
Should've seen, served insurance
Should've been bought
What the f*ck you thought
That Fiend, state your rank
The excited private
Double pistol(?) whipping n*ggas down to the ground
Till there bodies turn blue and violet
My breed is violent
Born with plans to be strategic
When the problems start I'mma lead it
Round to the hip got some n*ggas paraplegic
911 don't need it
Cause I'm my only justice
Buzzy bounce(?) screaming f*ck us
Rapid fire make a n*gga quick like some nunchucks
I don't give a f*ck
Bring it your boys and ya'll naughty gal
You gonna be sucking the stainless
Bare di*king my n*gga, Mr. 40-Cal

(Chorus - repeated until fade-out)

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