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"Don't Cry"

[Fiend talking]
Yo, Yo
What's up to all my muthaf*ck soldiers
My thugs, my warriors, my survivors out there
It's Fiend excited private wit' C-muthaf*ckin' Murder
Q.B., Gotti, and Mr. Magic
When we hit 'em we hit 'em hard u heard me

Chorus [Fiend] 2X
Don't cry now
n*gga, don't wine now
We'll make it that yo people can't identify yo ass now

Launched n missiles
And grams and pistols
Blastin' these things that whistle
Burnin' up sh*ts u
And f*ck it I won't miss u
A lethal weapon my profession
500 G's
500 G's that put inches n yo life
Surounded by 500 please
Remember n grieves
Tha solider to beez
Wit' a fro
I beents out smokin' trees
Hit tha Z's
Made 'em breeze
And blow to they knees
Ran over interstreets
By a tank on D's
I stank theese
Wearin' some black chains and a safety
Y can't we just get along
I'm gettyon Jones
I'm known
For breakin' bones
Believin' that I ain't wrong
Introducin' yo shows
And a strong Whomp! Whomp!

Chorus 2X

Young n*ggas dyin' n my city
And I ain't showin' no pity
So I'm holdin' my head
Trynna keep from an early grave
Known as tha "Path that's Laid"
Lord forgive me simple wayz
But I was lost n tha game
Strapped n, through theese tryflin' streets
Knowin' that tha "Breed of Life" might bury me
But I ain't worried, I'm holdin' chrome
Protectin' my dome
I'm trapped n a storm
Catched these folks that trynna do me home
Wit' crisis over my head
n*gga dodgin' tha FEDz
They rather see me n a cell
n*gga trapped n jail
I make bail
And me and Pheno raisin' hellllllllll

I represent Uptown
Make tha wrong move u get bucked down
Dude, f*ck now
Q.B. on tha buck round
No hesitation, no status
Pack a nine automatic
And to pull a bullet to n yo family
n*ggas don't really wanna see us rhyme
We puttin' n*ggas on tha news and givin' 'em muthaf*ckin' t.v. time
Respect tha name n tha authority
And a n*gga barged n tha same room so n*gga naw wit' us uh
Q muthaf*ckin' B we would never run
We back sh*t
b*tch n*ggas get they back twisted
We crack sh*t
n*ggas need to get they f*ckin' practice
Don't f*ck wit' my crew and let us snatch this

I'm gon' raise hell muthaf*cka
Hope ya'll ready for me
I can move wit' tha nite, I got veins on my teeth
I'm from tha 9th Ward
Home of tha killas and wigsplitters
And lots of dead bodies
I heard a twelve-year hit it
I've been trained by tha best
Bring yo cop killaz
And I won't wear a vest
And u still facin' death
Don't cry now
b*tch n*gga, don't wine now
Cuz I'm all up n ur sh*t
And u figure, U 'BOUT TO DIE!
Hold on, wait a minute, I smell pus*y
Still wet behind tha ears, lil boy u still a f*ckin' wookie
U messin' wit' a hard hitta
(automatics shooting)
U FEEL ME n*ggA!!!!!

Chorus 4X

They label me a crazy muthaf*cka wit no hesitation
I'ma blast wit' a sawed off strip, to a n*ggas ambition
I'm Bossalinie
And I roll wit' these TRU thugs
Givin' n*ggas meanmugs
]From tha ghetto I get much love
Ain't no muthaf*ckin' crosses
Wit' all these crime bosses
n*gga, n*gga, make a move
I'll have u sleepin' wit' dead dudes
My tattoos, represent my identity
It reveals tha hard-will of a hard-kill n*gga that's n me
My enemies on a rampage, tryn avoid my presence
Fearin' imediate death, like a fateful pheasant
N my kingdom, only strong soldiers live, that's tha law
Of tha ghetto, I broke my hand on a fool's jaw
I'm southpaw
Hand to Hand combat, it's very neccesary
My first option, is fightin' all my advercaries
That n*gga flinched, when my muthaf*ckin' gun went "POW"
U heartless muthaf*cka, don't cry now

Chorus 6X

[Fiend talking again]
There, u muthaf*ckin have it
Some of tha youngest hard n*ggas n tha muthaf*ckin' world
Understand this here
Us soldiers, No Limit Soldiers til' tha world blow up
Or a god show up
U HEARD ME!!!!!!
Don't cry now
If yo people can't identify yo ass now
Take me out this muthaf*cka

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