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"We Major"

There's a whole world to see
Can't see it
If you're sitting on your hands
You major
Come on homie we major
Down south smoking the flavors
Come on homie we major

Clean as the [?] dropped, incomparable
Get green light, the tree copped with each invest-able
Prom night experience
My date for the night, body is so delirious
Saved all year, so I could stunt all summer
Shorty got sex in her eyes, she see how we coming
I need an Audi and a BM
[?] with their asses in my DM
Some dime chicks and the whips European
More than workouts
Type of calls that will bring the church out
That's what I had to get this verse out
Young, rich, independent
'Bout my business
Street life will make anybody turn religious
A couple fast food chains, my cousin's so ambitious
Don't like dogs, but he has four b*tches
Japanese cotton, a goddess in the penthouse
Simply spoiled rotten, she see me roll [?]
Straight plottin', Jones in this $400 dollar cologne, options
Like leather and a sunroof
Look what them hundreds done you
What was my major?
Only to be major
Every section that we in, birthday behavior
Major, this ain't that, I'ma have to pay you later
No alligator
My crocodile go more important for the paper
Pass me my vapor

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