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[ Intro ]

[ Verse ]
NanooKidd rocking with Gucci
Y'all ain't looking, yea
Take it back to the way back
I'll smack
Some n*gga wrote something, you wack
Tellin n*ggas you gangster
Keep it like that
Never mess with my flow
Might take everything real slow
I don't know what to say
Got hit twice in the face
It's a grace that I didn't say yo name
I might be getting this fame instead of you
Bunch of lame ass n*ggas who can't rap to the beat
Taking yo girl out to dinner but I ain't gonna treat
Y'all n*gga must be sleep
Tellin you the truth
Yo girl is keeper so if you want her back, you can sweep her
Cuz really I don't need her
Im back in the booth
Doing my thing
Hit you in the face, might lose a tooth
I'm dissin on you
Wanna throw shot then you'll be missin too
I ain't losing to a n*gga who can't say sh*t back
Now look at all the bullsh*t I been though
n*gga Im Ultimate
Doing math equations, finding out the estimate
Going on yo court on your establishment
n*gga solo in the world
I can careless
I'm bolo, when yolo
Don't holla at me
n*gga you ain't sleep
I got no real friends
When y'all look at me is like glass, y'all can see straight thru
I'll be miss too
Everyone see's me as a joke, rap game not for you
Everyone trying to get that fame, broke n*ggas always lame
Tellin me that I'm not making bands
Rapping from my land
Trying to keep me outta the stands
Getting into a fight
Don't wanna catch theses hands
n*gga fake
I'll like to see what your made of
For heavens sake
Can't you just spit something
You ain't getting sh*t
You might get hit
That will be it
Working out here wit the music stuff
n*gga grab the blunt and puff
I been in this life
Fighting for my actions
Talking bout something wit no options
Kinda like my flow
Well let me me take it slow
For you to understand
You doing the music stuff to get attention
Well that ain't mentioned
Pulled up to my crib, seeing you wanna do a song
You said no, all you wanna do is rob
Well I was wrong
Talking about all that bullsh*t
Think you in a gang
Man starts with a Y ends wit a E
Oh wait you won't be able to see
Understand what means to me
I'm dissin on you
Loving this too

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