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b*tch, f*ck!

Rotten to the core, say you f*ckin with me
But you f*cking some more
Leave me hanging by the willow
Tears are rolling down the mirror
Choking on my dreams and regrets
Don't you forget, I've been your best
I passed the test, I'm Satan's blessed
Six cuts still bleeding on my wrist
Dippin a cigg' I'm smokin it quick
Go back in my closet setting up the noose
So I'm choking on my problems, heart's beating out of place
All of my memories are just a mess
f*ck this life I won't repress
Can't love myself, can't care for less
I've met with God he whispered bliss
Seems I'm the one that's dying next

Suicide thoughts rushed outta bottle
Tryinga cut myself, I'm outta trouble
Convincing myself I'm good to go
Crying out loud for a goddamn hoax
No heart, no soul, no love just a role
So low done played by a ho
Never trust a b*tch that's what Raz said
Think I might comply I'm sorry bae

Now I'm speeding with Saint limitless, spiritfull
Riding the highway like what to do?
I'm smoking a blunt thinkin' of you
I'm ashing in blood I still miss you
I wanna know, I wanna cope this drugs abuse
I'm hella loose, now I think I'll lose even tho' I tried
You were free to move since the day we blew

And if we never ever meet again please recall me as a friend

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