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Take me back to the place I rest
Down by the river, right by the nest
I room an existence full of regrets
People around me I must confess
I want 'em dead, I'm craving death

Yung Hex the mess of a test outta fest of the lingering webs
On the crest of my mesh f*ckin' blowin coke on mount' Everest
Best believe I'm clique finesse, faded in my grave
I'm sippin grape, I'm feeling weak, I'm slippin' di*k
I f*cked a freak, I set her free
b*tch count on me I'm obsolete
I overdose, I'm creepin thin
Everything I kill I'm keepin, right in my heart I'm dippin
Grey's my pigment, I'm a misfit
Empty handed sweep a hunnid, cloud addicted
Follow my words and pain will diminish
Follow the road and the world will kill all your feelings
They nothing really, hope you feel me, you feel me ?

Another motherf*cker slowly giving up
Make all these ho's bow down to Thoth
Hermes I praised that you would arise
Losing the fight, I'm losing the nights, I'm losing my mind
Help me believe I'm closed to tears
With this razor in my hand it all seems clear
Leave a f*cking coward bleeding grim all around
Puttin the truth through temple I'm down

Dying in mental distress oh but I'm such a mess
Leaving a mess out the mess I've made
All yous I don't want, those I wanna die, thot already lying
Got that b*tch is on that leds giving me no explain
While I must regain, the power supplies long lost
At the bottom of the bottle with one blunt to the face
Crawling 8 miles deep in disgrace
Sick, Six, six, six been all I dreamed
Ho's on patrol and I'm creepin out thin
Duckin in the forest in my mind's so clear
Reality's abussive and I'm bleeding loud green
Drug addicted fiend with it's eyes so dim
Smoking on that grey making life a trill
Swervin' Billie Jean that Huckleberry Thin
Rolled out, smoke re-roll, don't choke, more herb, no j*rks, no twerks
Just worse, it just works

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