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[Hook: FKA ANNE]

Preppin' for my dusty vision
Take me to another dimension
Breathing taking underground
Come closer, let's hang around
Let's hang around
Let's hang around

[Verse 1: YUNG GRIEF]

Envisioning hatred the hexed and regretted
No remorse in his eyes, his limbs petrified
Blood leaking from my old scars
Mi$t God in the flesh and bones, yuh

Hoe please just go! (b*tchgo!!)
Was never a blank role (rollsumdo)
Dank as the stank bro (broccoli?!?)
Drippin' in a tank blood (drip trip)
Leakin' my sack on a ho (on 'er face)

Air flow's heavy, I'm on duty and life stinks
Riding the Nex, hoes know me as the best
Lil Baphomet no regret
Hexed till I die, grey shawty flippin' wise
Coppas on da' fly, tryina catch me high
Lil Woeful Kin from the south
Makin' them b*tches wet when they eyes dry

[Hook: FKA ANNE]

[Verse 2: YUNG $LITWRI$T]

I'm in a field living large
Just a fiend bustin' marge
Rap like cloud, f*ck like raw, sippin' maw
Feelin' down while ignitin' pine
So blue at dawn, saw grey my shine
Never the one to speak never the one to click
But guess I flicked, just last a trip, bust with no grip
Hex Da Berry channeling for the Cherry, Grey thy Anti Matter
Gushing blood from our mourned father, motherf*cker, ay

[Hook: FKA ANNE]

[Verse 3: HEX DA' GREY]

Yung Grief motherf*cker, that's Hex Da Grey
Insert the coin don't toss it out
Come hang around
Lil Anne is down, we rollin' loud
Lil Loree's happy, I gave her lovin'
We all tripin n laughin'
Used to feel blue, now I'm rippin' 'em bars n rappin' in da' clouds, Emotional $hawty, O.G. mi$t wave

Come hang around with us
Don't let us as loose to topic
Loose noose in the attic
Temper like a hurricane
Volcanic not rabid
Pop the Glock to the flock then aim it to my head
I'm drastic! radical suicidal till the f*cking head is blasted, ay

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