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We about to make it plain to see
Ya'll don't want to f*ck around with we
Capital F.I.E.N.D
The camouflage with the M.A.C

Give me my heater and sneakers
A little pita with a henne, 3 litre
Weed no seedas
I'm a show that momma ain't raise no cleta
I done killed my own before
40's and chrome fo fo
Showin I'm gone past go
Comin' back I told ya so
I travel with tramps
My voice blow amps (cool)
Survived soldier camp left enemies damp (oooh)
Me kill and define, blind rhyme outshine me
Gotta jump in the cracks of concrete to find me

Now all you gotta say is murder murder (murder, murder, murder)
And I appear like a deadly ghost with a Mac-11 toast
Strapped to that NO LIMIT soldier gear
Look in my eyes and tell me you wanna take me out
If you can't, there's nothing for us to talk about
I'm deadly as n*ggas gettin strippers at club whispers
Thug n*ggas come to that door like (huh, who, n*gga what) Jehova witness
b*tches I like em ghetto cause I'm a G
The M.A.C., man he get busy and he be


Capital F.I.E.N.D
Pronounced that's Fiend
Who wanna gat these lyrical rhymes to the mouth like Leroy Green
Who's the master, sho nuff
It's the one they call shotty
Murder MC's for cheese in the hotel lobby
Damn f*cked up my hobby
Better ask somebody
I'm the dope get the baking soda and ya'll might just rock me
Go n*ggas like kawasakis
All your best b*tches jock me
And n*ggas keep my cd like a bottle of semiyaki

It is I (who)
Mac the mercenary
You ain't heard from the 3rd (oh you ain't heard)
Be kicking the proverb
And every time I'm talking I slurred
Don't f*ck with me or my thug I'm shell shocked
I carry 2 Glocks
Straight off the block where the b*tches pus*y pop
And the n*ggas get shot
I'm cool with them gangsta gangsta though
Quick to stank em though for sure
Real n*ggas pick they time to go
c*ck it back and uh oh
Don't apologize now
You see this killer in my eyes now
Bring me to jail I'm ready to do that 99 now

Chorus x 2

We, we, we, we, what
These n*ggas F.I.E.N.D. n*ggas

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