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"I'd B a Fool"

Yo whassup?
Man girl don't give me that thang
Oh I'm straight, I'm cool you know
Uh you know No Limit Soldiers provide for me and mine
Oh believe it or not yeah I do got somebody, thank you
But I don't cheat, why?
Man you know what happen

[Mo B. di*k]
I took an attention with chances for you girl
But you didn't appreciate, no
You wanted to be with someone who had more than me
And all of a sudden you got played

I gave a hundred and seventy five percent and my pride got bent
Got dropped like lead when I almost died for rent
The intent, provide for you, provide for me
Why I hustle, survive for you, and just try to be
Home for dawn, turned on from your waking moan
You used to love up the Get It On Jones
But I'm ghetto like they boy who shot they toys
It's that eighty one o's
End up in clubs and drugs and forgot all them hoes
Welcome to my making knows what truly lies within
Whoever figured would break us would be some noise or some rims
Then it be told, living swell, and baby on my trail
Used to treat shorty like a jewel, oh well

[Chorus - Sons of Funk] - (repeat 2X)
I really wanna be with you
But I can't forget what I been through
As a player I can't do that
I'd be a fool if I take you back

[Mo B. di*k]
Girl I got love for you and I also love myself
But you really disrespected me by loving someone else
How can you expect me to forget the things you done
When I needed you the most girl, you were having all your fun
It's okay and it's cool, and we learn from our mistakes
But I found me another woman so girl it's much to late


[Mo B. di*k]
Just like the old folks say girl, God works in mysterious ways
Cause I never thought I'd see the day when we go our seperate ways
You did me a real big favor when you let me go
Now things are so much better and I thought that you should know

Chorus - (repeat 5X)

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