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"Midnight Drive"

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Yeah, season opener, smokin' dope fo' sure
Super bowl [?] white t-shirt, open fur
Hella gold, yellow and rose
Baby chose, let her roll
Loosen that grip, she tryna dip
f*ck's wrong with you, enhance that b*tch
I pull at the lot with that stacks bag and don't finance sh*t
Rich and I know what to do with the money
Rich engineer, pushin' buttons
I'm in the booth, cocaine cuttin'
Lines numbin' their minds, they high
Baby girl, got that California fire, stoned
Chinese eyes on a midnight drive
Reflectin' on the game high
How it all went down in that time frame
No mind games, dollar signs on the brain
I do it how they done it'n '71 mayne
Two my n*gga but I'm only wearing one chain
Look at how the game since son came
I ain't gon say much, baby
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2: Fiend]
Jones, [?]
Can’t escape from ballin’, that wraith callin’, way harder
You can’t afford it, my name in the claim, the game enormous
Made residuals off a digital clock
Yams in the spot, in the city the block
Start with the man up top
In my navy blue Cutless, rollin’ city to the [?]
Where they hate so much I love it, breakin’ down these nuggets
Mackin’ out in public, I ain’t actin’ on the subject
Hold my money, tight stuntin’, ‘cause we came from nothin’
Big boy, fresher than [?] ever was
I presence on the scene is just like you never was
I mix some good cat with some better bud
Went for it but you never budge
Ate so much we damn near left a skel-aton
Countin’ money having fun, [?]
I pick it out like, “Gimme that-a one”
Look up in the sky, baby

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