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"Snatch Them Hoez Up"

[Mr. Serv-On]
What's in Barbra's bedroom
(Big V-90 n*gga, Big Pokey)
Oh Oh, ah
(Big Swoll)
What's in Barbra's bedroom
(Big Boz)

[T. Scott]
Yo', what's happenin' Mo B.?
What's happenin' Mr. Serv-On?
You know what I'm sayin?
This your main man, your n*gga T. Scott
I was walking by the studio and I heard this funky, funky beat man
And I wanna know, what's this I hear bout you snatching them hoez up?

[Mr. Serv-On]
(Snatch them hoez up) if you wanna f*ck a n*gga
(Snatch them hoez up) if you done bad n*gga
(Snatch them hoez up) if you bout' some trouble n*gga
(Snatch them hoez up) if you shake that ass n*gga x2

[Mr. Serv On]
Mr. hit 'em up, down like they grab them hoes legs and put 'em up
I love it when them hoes say Serv do
What the f*ck you wanna do when you bang the pus*y up
Say what, you like the way I walk with this mean mug
C'mon hoe, snatch that ass for a thug
And if it's good next time I'll let you wear my tank
When I'm going in and out your bank
What, b*tch I can't
But I can be dat n*gga gettin' mines from behind
And if you bout that double
b*tch I know some country n*ggas always bout that f*ckin' trouble

[Mr. Serv-On]
Chorus x2

[Mia X]
Na, Na, Na, why n*ggas do n*ggas in the club all night
Been nursin' the one drinkin', but got the nerve to think
That he gon' snatch a ho up, bend the b*tch over
Smack it down, flip it, throw them legs on your shoulders
I told ya, TRU b*tches ain't going for it hardly
Ain't giving up the pus*y to a n*gga in the club or the party
Sorry motherf*ckas make me laugh
I'm the b*tch with the chips, tipsy get your self a cab, on me
But some of you b*tches make it bad
How you compromise your ass for little or nothin', that's sad
So when the n*ggas come stuntin' talkin trash, super thug b*tch what
Nine c*ck snatch that hoe up

[Mr. Serv-On]
Chorus x3

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