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"5 Hollow Points"

[Mia X:]
Momma mia got 5 motherf*ckin reasons
Why you n*ggas shouldn't step 2 no limit
CCick, clat, duck

[Big Ed:]
Big Ed be puttin down like that
I'm on the attack
Hit your block with the tech & flip you like an acrobat
Relax and get done in
No limit got you suckas runnin
Hustlin, tank rollin, feather weight lifting
King of the hill like the pistons
Listen and get hypnotized
Then they'll realize your mobbs tried to hustle with ride surprise
As I analyze fictional rap chart
n*ggas sellin the flea market
As I swell up like Dolly Pardon
Flow like Niagara, floss like dental
n*ggas dont get caught up in my detrimentral mental
Alias assassin im blastin ask alot
While tough n*ggas talk from Richmond to Ottawa
Lyrical combat but we can jump into realm of bookoo guns
No Limit should be a steel mill
Catacombs when I rush
Explode when my vocals hit the west
KL be droppin the bomb tracks
Like terrorists and anvils

Capital F-I- as I live like Incredible Hulk
I love my money in bulks
See im used to the abuse of
Marijuana, smokin coke tryin to reach my quota
Revoking mc's nice as he's
Cause im twice as nice as he's
Its your fears im splittin back they lids
Or the wigs that I live
Die instanly, searchin comin after me
Haven't learned nothin in the galaxy as bad as me
Fatalities, all yall gone be casualities
A formality, droppin dead weight rappers like calories
So casually speakin
Like ?? we beaten
But not preaching
The lyrical reaching gone leave you skiing illegally
And I gets my swerve on
With Mr. Serv On
Gettin a helluva spursion
With KL's and Burbons
Definetly get my verse on
Got it changed by a Glock
Words that bracing you knot
My sh*t stay banging like Little Rock


My hustling is sick
Kane & Abel cake makes flips
252 grams be catching ? out each quarter brick
My deliveries obscenity, so n*ggas these fightin words
Watch Mr. bill collector Hannibal Lector smoke the herb
2 times 187 equals 374
What the mean im gone leave you and that buster you with stankin on the floor
Hope you got your life insurance
This deadly metomorphosis hollow tips ??
Bringing horror flicks to tricks
Raw flicks couldn't see me, if you were lookin at my picture at the post office
1,2,3 b*tch im G, thats in gangstafied
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde got no friends P keep the world homely and homicide
My style can't stop it
Got a gat lets drop it
Nice, strictly ice im precise like f*ckin fiber optics
Hennessy got me tested
Cut that mask like Wayne Gretsky
Soldiers man desert eagle in my hand keep em' ?? like Dissy Gillepsie
Top cops couldn't arrest me
n*ggas who the best be
This no limit soldiers runnin on the tank
n*gga got no time to think
Bustin on you n*ggas yall stink
I got my shank
The Puerto Rican leave them tweekin
Missles heat seaking
n*ggas that couldn't stop me got your amplifier peakin


n*ggas is fake
I p*ss on you face at your wake (f*cking bast*rd)
Spary paint this sh*t ain't over on your casket
Preacher man steady sayin thou shall not kill
I wonder if he was there when they killed my n*gga Clarence at the hotel
In the city of fiends, young n*ggas die often
Get your hustle in hell, I left an ounce in your coffin
Young n*ggas gettin touched with AK's early in the moring
Catch a glimpse of the devil when he dance in New Orleans
Hollow shots make a n*gga check in before his curfew
Disrespect me ill hurt you, pass the blunts in a circle

[Mr. Serv On:]
Dolly dolly dip
Wich one of you n*ggas want this last and final hollow tip (none)
For real from mr b*tch killer money maker hoe stacker
Stackin more green than the Packers
n*gga jack a Regal rider
Have you bubblin on your saliva like Hannibal Lector
Step up in the sector
UPT ain't the drives
Hit you between your eyes
Crack your b*tch thighs
Mr. cap peller
Smile into the eyes of your candy dealer
Big wheeler
Stackin more diamonds that the steelers
Bringing more noise that the Cowboys
Can chop in it like Dennis the born Menace
Dont say a f*ckin thang until im finished
And even then respect my blessing
I'll make Allen Iverson adress me as the real question
And n*ggas know me when I come through
So if im not screaming TRU (T-R-U) n*gga im ready to bang at you and you
So fell this hollow tip and get what you get
Mr. gangsta sh*t
Mr. B-a-v-g-a-t-e
Mr. S-e-r uh v
For all you b*tch n*ggas
You understand n*ggas you ready to feel this trigger
So step up and feel this lesson from the last and final hollow tip
Thats what you get, some gangsta sh*t

I tried to told yall ain't want heard me
So anybody out there think that they ready
Lyrically or Physically
I have one question
Can we please get into some gangsta sh*t
This is mama mia the biggest
Signing off with my tank dawgs

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