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"Born 2 Be A Soldier"

(Intro [Master P])
What's up n*ggas and b*tches
It's the muthaf*ckin kisarme
It's No Limit, Master P
Im'a introduce y'all to the muthaf*ckin
One of the hardest liuetenants on the tank, Mystikal
We was all born to be soldiers
See, these evil thoughts
They was scarred into our muthaf*ckin souls from these wars
The streets, the ghetto, the hood. The ghetto

Chorus: [x7]
[Master P]
b*tch, I'm a soldier!
I was born to be a soldier!

[Verse 1: Mystikal]
Muthaf*ckas don't you move
I got what is takes to make your ass feel (?)
You don't wanna rest in this parade
No Limit soldiers throwin grenades!
Strictly, heavy artillery, calm and gunnin
I got your ground troops runnin from INCOMING!
Go, go go go, the fifty caliber
Bout to rip your (?) vest, split your capita
The n*ggas be marchin in the land camp
b*tch we ghetto soldiers, the streets is what made us!
No LBE's, no MRE's
But we kill our enemies, and drive humvees!

Chorus [x5]
[Master P]
b*tch, I'm a soldier!
I was born to be a soldier!

[Verse 2: Master P]
Born, to be, a muthaf*ckin soldier
The colonel don't play, I'm out that tank
Money in the bank, make n*ggas think
At ease when we rank, salute cause we scrap
Fools run they trap, soldiers bust caps
Fools die a million deaths, solider dies once
Put that on my gold teeth, my gat, and my blunt
Candy painted hummer, triple gold D's
We bout it, eyes hella red gone off green cause we rowdy
Battle kicked advil, n*ggas load they carriages
Weapons on the mayor of the cash cause I know character
I'm ready to bust keys, n*ggas (?)
n*ggas are f*ckin, slanging them trees
They gon die in New Orleans

Chorus [x4]
[Master P]
b*tch, I'm a soldier!
I was born to be a soldier!

[Verse 3: Silkk]
I came out the muthaf*ckin' womb, n*ggas wanna combat tank
My ghetto antics, my ghetto tactics
I smack quick, stick another gat n*gga to your ass and acrobatic
n*gga what? Black, my M-16, is black b*tch
I was born to drop phat sh*t
Punk your ass like a sac b*tch
Yeah, I keep a gat b*tch (?) I react quick
Blow them soldiers, told ya, and that's it
But see, I set my sh*t off like a punt (Go, T, Go)
We roll, I said we roll like a muthaf*ckin blunt
See, don't come stunt and don't try to front
I'm Silkk the Shocker, I snatch your ass like a muthaf*ckin duck
I put on my camoflauge n*gga, straight up my f*ckin boot
Why would a muthaf*cka who ain't TRU laugh at old shoot
About face, salute!
Tell I'mma soldier, by the way I talk
Tell I'mma soldier, by the way I march (Right, left, left)
I was born to be a soldier!

Chorus [x4]
[Master P]
b*tch, I'm a soldier!
I was born to be a soldier!

[Bridge: Master P]
Born to be a motherf*cking soldier!

[Verse 4: Fiend]
Bringin bags and weed
Lil Fiend live by the soldiers creed
Of broken no seed in the botton pockets of my fatigues
War fatigues, playing live chess games with the chain
(?) silhouettes at the gun range, cause I'll be bringing pain
When I'm playing survival games, that's why I sport a vest
But n*ggas are put to rest, but got them right tatted on my chest
I was best on my recon, started harm and dis
The war from this, is that Fiend was born from this
Scarred from this, so all the armies now go hide
Cause the crime design, was lost in a nine to five
Enemies retire, and the bigger go up, till my gun show up
No Limit soldiers, the world blow up!

Chorus [x3]
[Master P]
b*tch, I'm a soldier!
I was born to be a soldier!

[Verse 5: Mac]
Assassin, soldier, sniper, murderer
Son of a b*tch, arsonist, house burglarer
Been there, done most before the sun rose
We changin clothes, when the po po's chase
Narrow with the bass, got them hoes all in my face
And them fake n*ggas hate, so I started different ways
And even when I'm dead and gone
My legacy'll live on
Tattoo me on your arm and tell n*ggas he got his rhyme on
Murder murder kill killin and sh*t that I spit
For lunatics who be feelin' this sh*t
Put the gat in my face, I never squeal, n*gga keep it real
Pops gave me the game, about the battlefield
We attack like the Men in Black
You react, if you got a gat
I'll never die, camoflauge in my vein
I'll never change in the purple rain
My name manifest pain, I'm a soldier

Chorus [x8]
[Master P]
b*tch, I'm a soldier!
I was born to be a soldier!

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