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[Verse 1 - leavemealone]
I don't mean to be that way, the xanny drop all on my tongue
The LSD just keep on walking, xanny still got me walking
Caught up in my mind, I think I be the one to leave behind
Leave me alone, no ringtone, still be all up in my zone
Phone keep on ringing, iPhone 6, trapping out the back
Momma told me fix myself, but money talking right back
Look me in the face if you want to hold up that sh*t
Pull up in the pit, and I'll pull up in a truck, and I'll pull up, really don't really give a damn, f*ck
Young n*gga had to go and get it out the grove
Still be the young n*gga cooking on the stove
Gucci Mane out here, but it's leavemealone, leave me alone, aye
... go ahead and take your damn life
Look me straight in the damn eye
You cannot be the one who can lie
Telling me all them lies, try

[Pulp Fiction Interlude]
And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers! And you will know, my name is the Lord!

[Verse 2 - Half Metal Kaiba]
That is 'bout 50 in sack
But it's double or nothing, so I put 100 on that
Gamble my mental for change outta pocket, and xanny stay talking the smack
Have to wonder when ima go back
Look at the metal man, straight in the face, if you wonder 'bout that, yuh
Say it a-say it again, I'm a fool
Say it again, I can't rest, but I snooze
Feel like Vegeta, the alien demon, I slay waterfalls with the blues, aye
Tower is calling from underworld plane, and the rose in the cracks growing outta my name
Set the trap card, face-down like your shawty that I spell cast
Summon pale dragons from a deck full of new cash, aye
Please, do not disturb the necromancer, when he be walking
Asking questions, when I know that ain't no one answer
I refuse to see my shadow from the spotlight of the Capricorn, residing in my metronome
Inside of my head, let me mourn for metal embryo, aye
I'm at your place, please let me in, you invited me here, f*ck you mean I can wait?
Said I was born with the sin that I carry today
Do not disturb, I'm on do not disturb
I got benzos and money, so I need to know, what you offering me?
Aye, aye, what you offering me?
Aye, aye

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