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"Winnipeg blues"

Twisting loud
Favourite sound
Lounging on a cloud
Closed off in my room to deal with some
sh*t mentally
These rhymes are something like my therapy
Not equity
Verse 1
I’m with Lucy and Mary
They get the best of me
Demons festering testing me on
My will to be

A good human an animal in my past life
Thought I was past light started running with the night

Didn’t think I was loved enough
Volcanic house thats prone to erupt
Grew up learnt not give a f*ck
All my emotions I'd chuck

In the closet with my skeletons
On sedatives sealing my elephant
My heritage to me's irrelevant
Heretic to the beliefs of my relatives

Light the trees and ideas spark
I’m Clark Kent in a sea of sharks
I’m comfortably numb
And I’m comfortably on

A course out the horizon
And the great beyond
Vibing to some banshee songs
Living young and dumb


Trying to maintain Balance
On a tip of a knife
That is the plight
Of the sentient mind
Searching for a home
A place I can hide
We Hyde our nature
Like Jekyll on a dating site

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