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Snorting all the lines just to feel alright, yeah
Got a new whip, yeah that's all lies, yeah
Take you to my house where i f*ck your b*tch
Killing u at night
Throw you in the ditch

Gotta be hard
Being you
Waking up
Middle of the night
Scared for your life
Throw you in the pit tonight
Being you
I would end it already
I would finish already
Put a bullet to your brain
Feel no pain

Say you got the sound and the clout but you just another useless clone
Useless drone
Go back home
Know you don't belong here
You just a wannabe
Wannabe so known
Wannabe stolen flow

You think you got this sh*t
Now you say you learned from the best
But the best ain't sh*t
Just another bum on the bench
You ain't got no sh*t
All your plays straight from yourself
Say you got this sh*t
You'll never be the best around her hoe


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