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"Dark Rose"

I f*ck with my girl
I f*ck with the blades
I f*ck with the Demons makin this maze
Making the drugs that's all up on my face
Feelin that daze
Feelin pace yuh
Feelin her waist yuh



Yuh Its lil hopeless motherf*cker
Better see eye to eye before I end yo life

Just Another murder of the day
Yah I can never sleep at night

Aways here the devil talking

Sayin your slowly

Falling down this well
Give up and come to Hell

Where Fire burns for eternity & no one can hear your yells

Lil hopeless Six Hundred Sixty-Six

Blood leakin out my wrist

Psychopathic junkie f*cking lunatic

I'll be fine when I go end my life
Slowly carving and cutting my wrist with this knife
Voices sayin it's fine

Losing my mind to the demons I'm fightin
Becoming enlightened
Levels heightened
Wishin prayin this car would crash
That ain't no lie
Look lil hopeless in the eye
Was there any other guys
Any other lies


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