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[Verse: ¥ûñg Âčêtøñê]

Yesterday I was feeling kinda sad
So I sat in my room with a paper bag
Filled it with a can of spray paint and it coated the inside
Huffed that sh*t for 30 seconds, now I got them bloodshot eyes
Smoking meth out a bong, constantly doing wrong
Sniff 7 lines of coke off a b*tch’s dirty thong
IV the heroin in the veins on my legs
Anything at all to stop me feeling so depressed
Mixing uppers and downers hoping that I die
Anything to end this misery I call my f*cking life
Slit my wrists and I taste the f*cking crimson blood
But b*tch, it ain’t as red as the Hi-Tec sitting in my cup
Popping tramadol with valium and xanax with oxy
If you ain’t talking drugs or cash then you already lost me
Sniff a grain of fentanyl same size as grain of rice
Why fentanyl? Twice the drug, the same f*cking price
Chewing scripts up like I’m chewing f*cking gum
Overdose to death, that’s my f*cking option one
Jump out my window and fall to my death, that’s option two
Option three be a tree, a length of rope, nothing new

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