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"Airplane Raps"

[Intro: B. Bridges]
Thank for flying Jones and Jetson airlines
Where we bring you the best entertainment at the highest of altitudes
We appreciate you for joining us on this inaugural flight from New Orleans to Chicago
So sit back relax and enjoy our in-flight entertainment

[Verse Intro: Fiend]
Jones, Jetson
It's like, this track is like deja vu
So what I say to you
I make it through, I make it over
They just pray and wait for my greatness over

[Verse 1: Fiend]
About to catch the red eye with the red eyes
Champagne on my breath, how could I forget I
This track is my daily routine on instrumentals
Two MC's one from Orleans, one from Chi
On that Irene with that lit eye
Premium blend, yeah this a 10
Sports cars, helium hemp
Wreaking the (?)
Ya average N-i-g, I'm f-i-e to the streets every verse like a p-i-e
Mr. Jones up in first class, I ain't the preacher that got away with the church cash
Just a street bleeder its hella nerve gas behind these gold frames
Late night vamping' I should have gold fangs
Official b*tches in my presence, airplane raps in every essence
Get that dough in every lesson
If it ain't making you jack then why you stressin'
Words from International Jones and Dion Jetson

[Verse Outro: Fiend]
If this yo' profession, if money you getting'
J-J-J Jones

[Verse Intro: B. Bridges]
We hope you enjoyed our in-flight entertainment courtesy of
International Jones
Now paging, a young man from Chicago enjoying his first trip to New Orleans
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Dion Jetson

[Verse 2: Dion Jetson]
Friday the 13th catch a red eye to New Orleans
Infrared 6's, no leg room I shouldn't have wore these
But I got new beats and I'm feeling like Jason Voorhees
Tees, bauds and Rees, Creoles and Palm trees
Fine women on bourbon street suck you up then palm read
Tequila in my pores wife beater let me breath please
Relax a little I'm on this airplane and I'm trying to rap a little
This the flyest sh*t you ever heard
And I ain't rapping to birds
I never wrapped a bird
And I ain't just rhyming these words
30,000 feet the raps is absurd
The best you never heard
I got it from off the curb
Shepard to the flock fly b*tches in my herd
Towel under the door do not disturb
She favor Megan Good and she blowing the best herb
Kept her shades on and gave me the best derb
Tom Ford, I think
And these n*ggas swear they know her
Steady talking bullsh*t these n*ggas swear they Noah
Bought the girl Roses and they don't even know her
Warm mouth for me for them the cold shoulder
These n*ggas swear they boulders
Cuz they friends is the voters
I got the game from OG's thats older
Fiend said keep the lights and your house in order
Tell the stewardess a jack & coke and a water

[Outro: B. Bridges]
Thank you for flying Jones and Jetson airlines
Where everything we do is 30,000 feet or above
We hope to become your airline of choice and that you join us for future flights
Stay High and Exit Safely

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