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"Mobb 4 Ever"

Say Magic bruh, we got the click in here
We goin represent
Get in line in this motherf*cker and tear it up ya heard me?
We goin mobb forever n*gga we goin mobb forever
TRU n*ggas

I'm a mobb with my n*ggas forever
I'm a mobb with my n*ggas forever
I hope ya n*ggas feel me......
I'm a mobb with my n*ggas forever
I'm a mobb with my n*ggas forever
Until you b*tches kill me

Been in this motherf*ckin game too long to let any n*gga get the best of me
n*ggas that be testin me never fulfill they destiny
Bustin for the f*ck of it so run for cover
Thuggin from the beginning cause I was destined for hustle
Untouchable, a made man
Check the piece on my neck and see I'm a paid man
A TRU n*gga, picture I'm on the winning team
n*ggas start shiverin soon as No Limit hit the scene
So what you scared for, you n*ggas acting like you don't know
I brought my whole f*ckin click n*gga, what the f*ck you came for
I'm a ride with ya, or die with ya
f*ck it, we came this far, I ain't leavin without ya
Mr. Magic ain't changable
I rearrange your whole click and make em tameable
Cause I'm a soldier, that's why they put me on the front line
Mr. Magic, the most nutorious of all times n*gga


[New 9]
n*gga a motherf*ckin rhymes you know they bustin shots
I seen it with my own two eyes, never rat to the cops
Tied like dreadlocks, uzi's and Glocks are what we pack
f*ck limited straps, I know they comin they got my back
Only bust shots and rhymes with n*ggas that I f*ck with
See some run with this click, these busters can't get with
And if you just met me then forget me, you can't come get me
I ride with n*ggas and b*tches that been with me

It's a million motherf*ckers lovin and hate it when we bust
But off your future self and stop when we be up in that blood
I shine on my tank be touched, M-O-B and TRU we trust
All the side ??? all the ready to get that ass bust
I holler why cause I mobb for ever
Type of n*gga that get's cloud without spittin the dust
Interriagtion, naaah, never, I ain't missin a one

???? and watch a n*gga that I'm hangin with go get em and split em
And if a n*gga don't forget em leave em bust wide open
Leave a spot lookin like the red ocean I ain't bullsh*ttin
Head splittin, pass me sound ????, boy written
The Prime's sounds can never be bitten, it was written
And if you really wanna come and try to make that quest
You better have a bulletproof body vest, yes


Fiend, it's your turn
Fiend get his nuts off, No Limit shottie gettin his bust off
Dust off, leave a smoker spinnin my f*ck off
Gotta dust off the fingerprints, that can cause evidence
And never catch me hesitant in the process of presidents
I'm a TNT and M-O-B
Mr. F-I-E-N to the D
B-A double D-S to the T
??? the barrel is chrome
Cause your ass ain't makin it home
We goin mobb forever

I'm a mobb with my n*ggas no matter the mission
Just point a finger at the picture and I'm a get em this issue
Father forgive me for my sins, but these are my rhymes
And if a n*gga f*ck with me best believe he's goin die
I'm protected by a mobb of crazy motherf*ckers
Who believe in busting shots to protect one another
And if you f*ck with one then all fifty goin come
Strapped up, vest tight, ready to murder someone

[TRU Survivors]
Some man in the world got a bullet with my name on it
Willing to die for my n*ggas, I put my brains on it
Back to back, we goin out in a gunfight
Lord forgive me, If I gotta I'm a die tonight
With my thugs, no love pullin them triggers
Till I see blood face down in the mud with slugs
I'm a mobb

I'm a mobb with my n*ggas for eternity
f*ck unity, I hope you motherf*ckers feelin me
I'm layin my rules with these TRU n*ggas
We totin semi automatic triggers
Now step up n*gga
We bustin slugs until we go
Strike up the teflon protectin me death for any n*gga wanna see us go

[Lil Gotti]
I'm a mobb with my TRU n*ggas forever
Bustin through stormy weather with nine milla berrettas
Chrome just for the setters
Hard times got me taking drastic measures
I let ya, b*tch I bet ya I wet ya
Me and my family we swore we die
Then we die together
And if we rise then we rise together
So we chasing up the bloody cheddar
And I'm a ride with my TRU n*ggas forever

n*gga M-O-B motherf*cker, we hard hitters
My whole click has been to jail for drug dealin
We get rowdy and tear the f*ckin club up
Cause ain't none of my n*ggas ever gave a f*ck
And uh, we goin ride on our my enemies
Cause only TRU n*ggas can be a friend of me
And only thug n*ggas feel my pain
I'm down with M-O-B and I'm TRU to the game
Real n*ggas don't talk sh*t
And if you run up wrong boy you might get your wig split
I make moves with my tank dawgs
No Limit soldier for life and to them haters, f*ck all yall

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