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"Late Night Cruisin'"

[Verse 1: Fiend]
I talked them girls into a three-way
I'm an M-A-C-K
Big Screens(?)
Louie luggage and BJ's
On my arm a chica
And she cheeky
And she feeling herself
She used to dance for Enrique
A handful
Pluck that girl strings like a banjo
Suck on her lil cantaloupes
She say "Fiend you the antidote"
"Jones University"
Me and your girl got an anniversery
Counting money
Baby sit in this plant nursery
Her yams good
She could get a Jay-Z verse from me
Tony Bennett on the hook
While rolling up this purp for me
Lust at first flight
We crushed the first night
Smoking out everywhere you go
I guess you done heard right
(We late night cruisin'
Looking for some new hoes choosing
Our eyes Chinese
Russian Cuban)
Triple threat
Mind, body right, pus*y wet
All else fails
She know exactly what them cookies get

[Hook: Fiend]
I tell her play into my mind (?)
You ain't gotta lie to me
I get it out the mud
I ain't hit the lottery
Your man smoke that good sh*t
But he ain't high as me
Weed roll the screen (?)
He ain't even loud as me(?)

We late night cruisin'
Looking for some new hoes choosing
Our eyes low, you know what we doing

[Verse 2: Corner Boy P]
Game tight like Goldie
I'm a P-I-M-P
Power, pimpin, pus*y, paper
Pulling up in new Mercedes
Car sexy like my lady
Premium no Reggie Bush
But it's Houdini
Whenever I'm in Miami
I'm lit up like Vegas
The photo is Moustacious
But the Coupes
Know let them hustlers through
No carriage
Cause I ain't Mason Betha
I lounge in amazing weather
Smoking tropical in the tropics
Hoes fanning me with feathers
Double F
Is the letters
That Lexus I have a ticket
See the F on the Fendi
I'm fenna get to these b*tches
Watch me rise out on a million
And grind my way to a city
Player you know how the game goes
Your b*tches chose up my pimping
We can handle it like gentlemen
Or get into some gangster sh*t
Cause rule 1: Never check a player, check a b*tch
And I bet that ho know not to conversate in my whip
Cause b*tch you'll get put out
Now I'm on a new route


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