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Gus Dapperton

"In Florescence"

[Verse 1]
I never knew that those were violets darling
State of my soul
Had I known a blew wind by your bed
I dread to see it grow
And now who's it for?
For royal blood, the honey's not due
Though the burdens live where serpents swim
If you're certain that it's true

Well I wasn't sent too soon
This harm is just so hard to resist
Boy, I wish

Take a bit from the grit just to ease your voice
Attained from the grain
This noise won't leave your voice
Do you have a choice? Oh
Don't press your hope
You do no wrong in foreign land
Unfold your palm
Hold my hand

[Verse 2]
I've always loved the scent of lemongrass
Or of my dream
If I knew it grew in my old head
I'd pretend that I could see
Darling, you could view my sun
I'll show you everything I yearn
Not to worry, there's no hurry
But it's so easy to learn
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