Ninja Sex Party

"Self Care Sunday"

[Verse 1: Flula]
Who's this random booty in my bed?
What's  with all the pounding in my head?
Missed  all of my good friend Drake's texts
(Yo, FluZ u up!?
Put  my phonesy on the airplane mode
Time  to go to Flula's little me-zone
Not gonna drink, not gonna sext
You're  beautiful Kelley, but thank you, next!

[Bridge: Flula]
Rejuvenate top to bottom
Gonna hit spin class with Robert
Meditate,  matcha, and mantras
Farm to table, farm to table
All of my toast avocado
Energy work til my mind blows
Journaling 'bout all my life-goals
(Ja! Self care Sunday!)

[Pre-Chorus: Dan Avidan, **Dan Avidan & Flula**]
Relax your body
Don't you know that you've earned it?
So detox your soul, babe
Don't you know that you're worth it?
Just spread your wings
Everything will be okay
Forget last night, say
**"Live your best life on a Self Care Sunday!"**
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