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Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah,  yeah, yeah, uh

Ten toes down, n*gga
Ego on the ground, n*gga
Tell  them f*ck n*ggas quit that b*tching right now
I  know you love the sound, it sound like the town
Riding down Telly, smoke's touching the clouds
I'm  pitching on the mound, I'm serving on you clowns
I push my girl whip, something foreign swinging 'round
I know these n*ggas ain't down, know these hoes don't really love me
Know that money ain't real, it just affect how they judge me
See  I'm a one of one dude, my granny'd probably cut you
I was playing hold, my big homies playing crush groups
I know who I am, I told myself, "Dawg, trust you"
I know what I am, about a check like one two
Or better yet Nike, I do this sh*t for my young dudes
I just run and gun in the West, yeah, like the Suns do
Take advice but still do my sh*t or they'll try to son you
All y'all hating on the young n*gga get a f*ck you
And all y'all hatin' on these girls f*cking get a f*ck you too
Let a n*gga live, I'm just tryna find comfortable
Excuse the expletives, I got a lot to give
But get up out my way if you ain't tryna get rich, uh

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